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The Page Experience Update is rolling out!

This Tuesday (June the 15th) Google announced on Twitter that they are slowly rolling out the Page Experience update. The page experience signals will first be applied to Top Stories and will gradually be used as a ranking signal for all other organic search results. According to Google the rollout of this update will be finished by the end of august.

Page Experience Update

What signals are included into the Page experience update?

  • Google Core Web Vitals
  • Mobile Usabillety
  • Security issues
  • Ad Experience

Tools to messure page experience

SEO Review Tools – Page Experience Test

 page experience test

When you want to do a quick test or if you don’t have GSC access for a specific website visit our Page Experience testing tool and discover if your website is ready for this update. This tool performs a fully automated test of all the signals that impact your page experience evaluation.

Test your website

Google PE report

To help you monitor your page experience Google has launched the new page experience report in Google Search Console (GSC). This report provides you with an overview of the percentage of URLs that passes the page experience test. In addition he GSC report allows you to dig through the results to extract the URLs that don’t pass the test and the issues Google encountered when validating your website.

page experience report

More details about the page experience report in search console:

How to improve your page experience?

In this video Naina Raisinghani, Jeffrey Jose explain how you can optimize your website for the Google PE update.

Additional information about using signed exchanges (SXG) to help Google search prefetch your content for both AMP and standard website can be found here:

(Off topic) did you see the new Google Search Insights report? It’s actually pretty nice:

Happy optimizing!!

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