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Keyword Research Plugin for WordPress

Identify keyword opportunities without leaving WordPress. The keyword research plugin is now fully tested with the latest major WordPress core release [5.8 Tatum] No time to read the full article? Just head over to the WordPress directory and download the plugin. This plugin is roughly based on the functionality of the free online Keyword Research Tool I’m offering …..

How to add Google Plus Authorship to WordPress without a plugin?

Google displays authorship in search results when you connect your online content with your Google Plus profile. When authorship is successfully implemented, you’ll see your Google+ information appear integrated with the search snippets for your online publications. Google Plus authorship includes: Your G+ profile picture. Your G+ name (including a link to your G+ profile). In circles count, …..

WordPress plugin: Copy URL button

Why do I need the “Copy url button”? The Copy url button plugin enables you to create some nice, social media like, backlink buttons using shortcodes. Add these buttons to posts and pages and make it easy for visitors to link to the content they like. Download the WordPress: Copy URL button plugin. Important: This plugin doesn’t create …..

Author description excerpt WordPress

WordPress offers users the option to add additional information to their profile like, first name, website and biographical info. To display the full author information of a specific post, WordPress uses the the_author_meta template tag. This tag also offers the ability to specify the information about the author you like to retrieve. In this case we’re looking at …..

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