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Google Plus One count checker

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Bulk Google+ tool.

This tool is no longer available, because API support is deprecated

Check the Google Plus One count for multiple URLs using the Google Plus One tool. The +1 number indicates how your visitors appreciate and interact with your content. The Google+ 1 tool enables you to check up to 10 URLs at a time. After performing a check you can export the results to CSV.

What happens after you hit the +1 button for a specific URL

  • The +1 button count will be updated after you push the button and will show the new count status.
  • After clicking the Plus one button you get the ability to share the page and add a comment.
  • On the search results page, fiends (part of your circles), will see your +1 for the given page if they perform a related search.

Check out the this video by Google introducing the +1 button.

Add a Google Plus One button to your web page

Google offers different types of buttons you can easily generate and adjust. Here you can see some example Google +1 annotations:

  • Small = 24 pixels width.
  • Medium including bubble (+1 count) = max width 90 pixels.
  • Tall = 50 pixels width.

For more information visit the Google Plus One developer page:

Other Google Plus gadgets for your webpage

Besides the +1 button you can add a Google share button, Google Badge or Google snippet (the description people see when your page is shared.  

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