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Google Plus Profile Engagement checker

Google+ Property Engagement Tool.

This tool is no longer available, because API support is deprecated

Use the G+ engagement checker to see how people interact with your Google Plus business page or personal profile.

Total post engagement calculation

The total post engagement is calculated using the sum of all interactions (+1, shares, replies) for the most recent 100 public post / shares. When a G+ property doesn’t have 100 public posts or shares a automatic notification is triggered. Options to enter a G+ property:

  • G+ user name: +MattCutts
  • G+ page: +GoogleAnalytics
  • G+ URL (ID based):
  • G+ URL:

G+ competitor intelligence

Google does allow you to view your G+ page statistic using your dashboard and Google Analytics. This data will give some great insights, but it doesn’t tell you how you compare to your competitors The G+ engagement checker allows you to access both  G+ pages en personal profiles, owned by you or your competitors, and find their best performing G+ posts and or subjects.


The G+ engagement checker returns these engagement metrics:

  • Total engagement, The sum of (circles + views + total post engagement).
  • Total post engagement, The sum of all post interactions (+1, shares, replies).
  • Views, The number of times a G+ property is viewed.
  • Circle count, The number of followers / groups following a G+ property.
  • Received plus ones, The number of times a specific post or share received a +1.
  • Received resharers, The number of times a specific post or share is shared by other G+ users
  • Received replies, The number of comment for a specific G+ post or share.
  • Best performing posts, The best performing post sorted by total post engagement.
  • Interactions per post type,
    • Posts
    • Shares
  • Popular hash tags, The most used hash tags.

Tool limitations

    • The number of G+ views does seem to be a pretty dynamic number which can change in just a number of seconds.
    • This current version is limited to 100 G+ property post or shares.
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4 thoughts on “Google Plus Profile Engagement checker

  1. Ankit Gupta

    Wow great tool to use, I found many things well but I want to know someone’s Google plus page Authority….. like if he publish some of his content through his google plus profile then how much will it affect his rankings and link juice.

    • Admin

      Hey Ankit,

      At this moment it’s impossible to determine if Author Rank still plays a role in search and it’s even harder to determine the value of a link or mention on a G+ profile. A mention or link, published on an important G+ profile, is still valuable social reference but the value for search is probably limited.

      For more information about this topic check out this post on Search Engine Land:

  2. Andreas Victorsson

    Really great tool, I’ve been on the lookout for my Google+ stats but haven’t really found anything that suits my fancy like this one!

    I wish I knew where those multitudes of views of my profile came from though, but that’s probably nothing that can be found out, at least not for free and outside of G+

    • Admin

      I’ve seen the number of G+ views shift around pretty heavy when I was developing and testing this tool. But I’ve done some recent testing and it seems the number of views displayed on a G+ property is stabilized and quite reliable. Probably due to some problem solving by Google ;-)

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