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Website Accessibility Checker

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Free online Website Accessibility scan.

Use this tool to test if your website is accessible and to detect issues that may block persons with a disability from interacting with your content. Start by entering an URL and the tool will automatically test your site for 51 possible accessibility issues.      

Website Accessibility Checker

How to use the Website Accessibility Checker? 

  • Enter the URL. 
  • Perform the accessibility scan.
  • Get the Google accessibility score report (on a 0 – 100 scale).
    • 100 – 90 = Good
    • 90 – 50 = Needs work
    • 50 – 0 =  Poor
  • Review and address possible accessibility issues.
    To help you prioritize, all issues are labeled.
    • Critical,
    • Serious or 
    • Moderate

What is web accessibility?

Web accessibility means that websites, web based solutions and apps are developed and designed to make sure people with a disability are also able to use them. Creating an accessible web means removing technical and physical barriers directly for people with a disability or technical solutions like screen readers. In addition web accessibility can help to ensure applications function as expected across multiple devices like, smart watches, smart TVs, and older phones.


Website Accessibility checklist. 

51 elements are analysed when performing the Website Accessibility scan, here are some examples to give you an impression of what to expect. [To review the full list, just perform a free scan].  

  • ARIA IDs are unique
  • Background and foreground colors have sufficient contrast ratio
  • Heading elements appear in a sequentially-descending order
  • The page contains a heading, skip link, or landmark region
  • HTML5 landmark elements are used to improve navigation
  • Custom controls have ARIA roles
  • Visual order on the page follows DOM order
  • ARIA toggle fields have accessible names
  • … 

Website Accessibility Test

External resources 

Tool limitations

This tool does a pretty good job performing an automated accessibility test, but if you want to make sure your not missing any issues we recommend you also perform a manual review.  By testing the website with  your keyboard and try it with a screen reader to analyse the flow interaction.

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