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AI content brief creator – a Chat GPT powered AI tool.

What is the AI content brief Generator?

The AI content brief Generator is a Chat GPT powered AI tool, designed to create a comprehensive content briefing. Submit your topic (this can be a single keyword or a describing sentence), select the preferred output language and provide a short description of your target audience to let this tool do it’s magic. Within a few seconds you’ll generate a detailed guide including all the information a writer needs to create compelling content.

Content Brief Example

Content Brief Generator

Content Brief Template / structure

This tool will assist you with the process of crafting an effective content brief that includes:

  • The Topic
  • The Content goal
  • The Content format
  • The Audience
  • 5 Title suggestions
  • 10 semantic keyword suggestions
  • Average Word Count recommendation
  • 5 questions that are directly related to your topic
  • Various statistical data to use in your article
  • And a list of external resources (articles on the web)
TIP: Use the SEO Content Analysis tool to convert your content brief into a SEO friendly article

What is a Content Brief?

A content brief is a document that outlines the goals and objectives of a content project. It typically includes key details such as the target audience, the content format, the topics to be covered, the desired length and any other information required to brief a content creator.

How to use a content Brief?

The content brief can obviously be used to inform copy writers and all other content creators within an organization, but it can also be used as input for Chat GPT to generate meaningful content with AI.

TIP: Use the Content Brief with the Free AI writing Tool to start writing useful AI generated content.

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