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Keyword grouping tool.

Use the Keyword clustering tool to organized your keywords and to automatically assign them to keyword groups. Enter a list of keywords, optionally configure additional settings like Keyword cluster names + the maximum number of keyword per group and let the tool perform it’s magic.

Keyword Cluster Tool

Why is keyword clustering important?

Categorizing keywords into groups is a crucial aspect of keyword research as it helps you to structure your content. Making sure you’ve collected all the keywords for a specific topic can help you to rank your page for multiple keywords in search. This increase the chances for your content to be visible in search and to attract more organic traffic.

Use case example

  • Step 1, Perform broad keyword research based on your target keyword → Keyword research tool
  • Step2. Select all the relevant keywords → Manually task
  • Step 3. structure your keywords → Keyword clustering tool
  • Step 4. Assign keywords to specific pages and start writing in-depth content → Manually + SEO content editor

What is keyword clustering?

Keyword clustering refers to the process of grouping keywords into relevant themes that align with the content on your website. Each cluster is centered around a primary topic and includes multiple subtopics that complement and reinforce the central topic. These subtopics serve to support and enhance the primary topic.

How to create a keyword cluster?

  • Enter a list of keywords.
  • Optional: Enter custom keyword cluster names.
  • Optional: set the maximum number of keywords per cluster.
  • And let the tool do the work.
TIP: Use the SEO Content Analysis tool to write a SEO friendly article based on your keyword research.

Keyword cluster example

Keyword Cluster example

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