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Content template creator.

Use the Content outline generator to create an organized structure by breaking down the content for your subject into subtopics and heading. Get assistance from the Content outline generator in organizing ideas into a logical flow and identify possible content gabs. This tool can help you save precious time and generate fresh ideas + formats for your next copywriting project.

Content outline generator

What is the purpose of a content outline?

A content outline can help you with these tasks:

  • Creating an effective and consistent structure for Blog posts, Product descriptions, Reviews and more…
  • Breaking down your content into subtopics and headings, so you can insert relevant keywords and phrases that will make it easier for search engines to understand what your content is all about.
  • Getting assistance in organizing ideas into logical and sequential flow that will improve the semantic structure of your content.
  • Helping you with identifying and addressing gaps in content
TIP: Use the SEO Content Analysis tool to write a SEO friendly article based on your content outline.

What is a content outline?

A content outline is a plan or framework that outlines the main ideas, sub-points, and supporting details that will be covered in a piece of content. The content outline typically includes the main topic or theme, key points, supporting evidence or arguments, and a conclusion or summary.

How to create a content outline?

  • Enter your subject / topic.
  • Select your content type. These are the available options: blog, listicle, product description, product review, landing page, how-to guide, troubleshooting guide, news item or recipe.
  • Select the preferred language output.
  • Enter related keywords to generate a structure that targets interesting keywords for SEO.
  • Add your audience to make your content even more relevant.

Content outline example

Content outline example


✔️ FastCreate a complete content outline within minutes
✔️ CreativeExplore different story telling angles and ways to approach a topic.
✔️ PriceFree tool (with a generous daily usage limit)
✔️ EffectiveSave valuable time and become more effective
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