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AI Article Rewriter

To use the Content rewriter, just paste or write your text into the content field. Hit the “Rewrite content” button and the tool will rewrite your text in just a couple of minutes with the help of AI (artificial intelligence). The Content rewriter tool is especially useful when you are out of inspiration and you need a little sparkle to get you going.

AI Rewriter

API: The Content Rewriter is also available as API endpoint.

Use case example

When provided with the appropriate input and a assigned to the correct task, the article rewriter is a highly effective tool. The following examples demonstrate where this tool excels.

  • Create unique product descriptions, automatically generate or rewrite product descriptions based on the specifications from manufacturer.
  • Refresh old blog posts, copy sections of your existing content to the article rewriter to refurbish your content.
  • Translate content, by selecting the output language you can quickly translate content to one of the 27 supported languages.
  • Publish unique press releases, quickly create multiple versions of a press release to tailor them to the writing style of the selected news publisher.
  • Create ad variations, use the text rewriter to create multiple ad text variations to run a successful ad variation experiment.
TIP: Use the SEO Content Analysis tool to convert rewritten content into a SEO-friendly article

Key features

The Article rewriter utilizes these NLP techniques to rewrite and improve your content.

  • Synonym Replacement: the most common technique used in article rewriting is to replace words with their synonyms. This helps to make the text more varied and less repetitive.
  • Sentence Restructuring: restructuring sentences help to make the content more consistent. This involves breaking up long sentences into smaller ones, reordering clauses, or adding transition words to improve the flow and readability of the text.
  • Paraphrasing: paraphrasing involves expressing the same idea in a different way by changing the sentence structure, using different words or phrases.
  • Sentence Combination: by combining two or more sentences to create a more concise and coherent paragraph. This is especially useful when dealing with complex or technical information.
  • Grammar and Spelling Correction: article rewriters can also correct grammar and spelling errors in the original text. This can help to improve the overall quality and credibility of the content.

Output example

AI Rewriter example

Input options

The free AI content writer features 6 distinct input choices to aid in your writing process.

  • The text that you like to rewrite.
  • Optional: Select the preferred language output to translate the content.
  • Optional: Enter multiple keywords (separated by a comma) that you want to appear in the new version
  • Optional: Audience description field
  • Optional: Select the tone of voice
  • Optional: Set the creativity slider to the position that offers the best results for you.


Because this tool is free it comes with some limitations:

  • The AI content rewriter is limited to an input of 1000 characters.
  • Because AI generated content isn’t always factual correct, you should make sure a human copywriter manually checks the text before publishing.
  • Use the content rewriter responsible and refrain from committing plagiarism by copying others’ work.
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