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Stats update & a new Design!

The latest – Numbers & Stats

It has been a pretty long time since the latest update, so It’s time for some numbers and stats…

Monthly visitors

Since the start of this project I got lucky enough to get mentioned by some great authoritative and relevant sites like: MOZ, Search Engine Watch, Shopify. This has resulted in overall traffic growth that exceeded my expectations by far. To illustrated this I’ve made a screenshot to compare the organic traffic of 2016 vs 2015.

Google Analytics Traffic

And even though I made a small F%^$k up in May 2016, organic traffic is still up by 115% compared to 2015.

Active Chrome extension users

Since the original release of the “SEO Review Tools for Chrome” extension back in august 2K+ users installed this plugin and the number keeps growing. Pretty impressive, if I may say so ;-)

chrome extension users

chrome extension  stats

The “auto run” option for logged-in users is definitely a big step forward and also the support for some essential Google tools make it an effective Chrome extension for daily SEO usage. If you’re interested in using the Chrome add-on take a look at the full option list or download the SEO extension from the Google Chrome web store.

Registered Members

The number of free members has grown to 16,000!! On an average day, approximately 40 new members join SEO Review Tools. So overall I’m pretty satisfied with the results so far.

A new design. What?!… what do you think?

After starting SEO Review Tools almost 4 years ago based on a free WordPress bootstrap 2.3 theme, I thought it was time to upgrade to bootstrap 3.3. Considering the big difference between these two bootstrap versions I decided this was also a good moment to change the complete design of the site and build my own WordPress theme from scratch.

And even though I’m not a designer by occupation I really like working on a new and hopefully improved design.

Some of the goals I would like to achieve with this new design.

UX improvements:

  • Improved menu (structure and use of space)
  • Improved mobile support
  • Better use of space (above the fold)
  • Modern / Professional look and feel
  • Improved data (table) presentation
  • Improved user login flow and access to usage data

Technical improvements:

  • Latest version bootstrap
  • Latest version JQuery
  • WooCommerce ready
  • Less complex custom WP Theme

I’ve made some screenshots from the old design to compare the old with the new.

Input fields previous design:


Result presentation from the previous design:


Result presentation (table) from the previous design:


I’m looking forward to your reaction. Do you think the new design is a step forward or are their things you don’t like. Let me know in the comments below..

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2 thoughts on “Stats update & a new Design!

  1. Raya it

    Like this new design and thanks for your tools / services.

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