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Bulk Pinterest Pins checker

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Pinterest Pin Checker Tool.

Use this tool to check the number of times a image, video or other objects from a page / URL is pinned using Pinterest. You can get the Pin count for multiple URLs using the Bulk Pinterest Pins checker and export the results to .CSV. The Pin count indicates how your visitors appreciate and interact with your content.

Add a Pinterest Pin button to your website

Pinterest offers developers and webmaster the ability to easily generate share buttons. Some interesting parameters you can use when generating a button:

  • data-pin-config=“above”.
    Use the data-pin-config parameter to align the Pin count bubble. Other options are “beside” or “none”.
  • url=“”
    The URL parameter is used to define the original source (where the image or video is published).
  • media=“”
    Use the media parameter to specify the image or video.

Generate a Pinterest Pin button:

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One thought on “Bulk Pinterest Pins checker

  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin) says:


    • Just updated the Pinterest API connector to the most recent version.

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