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Keyword Extractor

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Free Keyword extraction tool.

Enter a URL and select the keyword combinations that you want to extract from the page. The Keyword Extraction tool will work its magic and present you with the keywords and phrases with the highest relevancy score. The relevancy score for the indeividual keywords and phrases found in your document is based on our text analysis software. Addition options include report to CSV export and keyword exlusion.

keyword extraction report

How to use the keyword extraction tool?

  • Enter a URL
  • Set the type of keyword combinations that you want to extract
    • Single word keywords
    • Two word key phrases
    • Three word key phrases
    • Or all of the combinations listed above
  • The Keyword extraction tool will automatically extract all the important keywords from the URL
  • The keyword extraction report includes
    • Keywords
    • Keyword relevancy score
    • Keyword research tab
  • Export the results to CSV for further analysis in Google sheets or Excel.

When to use this tool?

  • Performing automated keyword research, by analyzing competitor content.
  • Topic analysis, enter the top 10 search results for automated processing to discover related keywords and possible content gabs.
  • Automated keyword extraction for rank tacking purposes.
  • And much more..

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One thought on “Keyword Extractor

  1. Jasja ter Horst (admin)


    • Added the report export function.
    • Updated the “filter keywords” option to make it perform correctly under all conditions.

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