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Free eBay keyword research tool.

With eBay you have the opportunity to get your product in front of an impressive 177 million active buyers (According to official eBay statistics). The free eBay Keyword Research tool let’s you quickly identify the keywords your potential buyers use to find products on eBay.

Enter your product name and the keyword tool will pull the results form the eBay search suggest function. The results include the most popular keywords and categories people search for on eBay. After generating your keyword list you can filter, select or export the most interesting keywords to optimize your eBay product listing and description.

eBay statistics

Tip: Interested in automating your Keyword Research workflow? Explore the Keyword APIs →

How to use the eBay keyword tool?

Enter your product name. Tip: start with your general product name and make your keyword selection more specific by digging into the results.
Select the correct language before generating the results. Because eBay is a multibillion-dollar business with operations in about 30 countries, you should select the correct country / language. (The number of countries and Languages to pick from with this tool, are significantly smaller than the number above, because eBay doesn’t offer the suggest function for all these countries).

eBay keyword tool

How to optimize your eBay product listing?

To optimize your eBay listing you should:

  • Write descriptive titles based on relevant product keywords. 
  • Be complete and all eBay item / product specifics, to make sure visitors can find your product when filtering trough the results.
  • Use related keywords to optimize your Listing / product description and write impactful content.
  • Include relevant links to your other products, eBay store and product videos.

What you shouldn’t do:

  • Avoid keyword spamming to avoid violating eBay and Search engine guidelines (Google, Bing, Yahoo..).
  • Don’t use hidden text.   


Tip: use the transactional keyword tool to find additional keyword combinations to optimize your product description.

This is what eBay advices you to do, to Optimize your listings for search engines to attract more buyers:

eBay and Search Engine Optimization

eBay SEO statistics

When your are selling your products on eBay you able to profit from eBay’s search ranking potential. With a 84 MOZ Domain Authority score and 139M monthly visitors (according to SEMrush data) in the US alone, eBay offers great potential to get search exposure for your products. Especially when you take into account the 32M keywords driving organic traffic to the domain.   

Which countries are supported?

  • United states (us, English) –
  • Canada (ca, English) –
  • Canada (de, German) –
  • Canada (Fr, French) –
  • Canada (es, Spanish) –
  • Canada (it, Italian) –
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